Apple Desktop Computers

By Philip P Daniel

When it comes to home computers, there are two distinct types that have been vying for the top positions almost as long as the war between the Federation and the Klingons has been raging. I am of course referring to the constant war, the grand war that has produced only brief respites and alliances to fight evil entities such as The Borg and William Shatner’s singing career. Just as that war has produced countless dead, mutilated corpses and planets that have been entirely decimated, the war between the PC and Mac has resulted in the confusion and anger of many. You can find almost as many fan sites dedicated to each of these types of monsters on the net as you can find Klingon poetry sites paying tribute to the most noble and pure of all languages. Well, in order to help people understand more about one side of this never-ending battle, I (Philip P Daniel) will attempt to explain just what to look for when purchasing a new Mac Desktop, a purchase that can be as difficult as disarming a 200 year old male Klingon warlord!

Macs…really that different or just misunderstood?

Although mostly meant for the same purpose as their PC brethren (ie going on the internet, creating documents, listening to music, keeping and creating Jerry Ryan collages and every other thing that a one would do on a computer) Apple computers use a different operating system that keeps the two separate. The Mac OS, built off of a Unix base, is regarded by many to be a much easier to use, more stable, and intuitive platform especially for people new to the world of computers. That is not to say that Macs are strictly for beginners, as many people stick with Apple products for their entire lives. Apple computers also use different chip sets that are clocked at different speeds. When looking at a new desktop, you may think that the top of the line Apple is slow at 1.5 GHz, when in all reality it is as fast if not faster then a 3.0 GHz Intel chipset. Beyond these and other minor differences, there is not much difference between the two types of computers. The main reason that most people either love or despise Apple computers tends to be because of the differences in operating systems. When deciding if an Apple is right for you, definitely play around with both systems so that you can get a feel for exactly what makes an Apple so unique.

I get it…but beyond the operating system difference, what makes a Mac better or worse?

Macs have always been deemed better for some operations then PCs and vice versa. In all reality, with most of the programs being offered for both systems, there is really nothing that you can do with one that you can’t do with the other. With that being said, Macs tend to be better then PCs for multimedia type applications such as video and music creation and editing as well as art and graphics work. Many of people in the music and graphic design fields swear by the Apple brand and refuse to even touch a PC when it comes to their work. On the other hand, PCs are generally used more when it comes to business purposes as they are more common, allowing data to travel between machines and networks. PCs also tend to have high end industry specific programs that are specific to the windows format, forcing some industries to stick to Windows. As far as video games go, PCs also take top honor, with most titles being made exclusively for Windows. All in all, for most general purposes, PCs and Apples can do the same things, and unless you are in a specific industry, or doing high end work, there is no reason why you couldn’t use either platform.

To conclude these random ramblings, PCs and Macs, although a battle that has raged for eons, really share more in common then most would believe. If you are looking for an easy to use, stable system, then a Mac may be the right choice for you. If you are looking to be compatible with most every person on the net and have access to most every program available, then a Windows based PC might be the right choice. No matter what you choose, count on for the best reviews and prices available in cyberspace.

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