Apple Laptop Computers

By Philip P Daniel

Now I could go on and on about the differences between Macs and PCs as I already did in my review of Mac desktops, but I think that would be a little redundant now wouldn’t it. I think that this page would be better served without the ramblings and the crazy stream of conscious writing that usually peppers my writings. I am just going to give you a quick “wassup”…drop a little Klingon knowledge on your heinees so that the next time you buy a Mac laptop you won’t have to even think (something that I rarely do any more anyway).

There are two different types of laptops that Apple produces, the iBook and the PowerBook. Both will let you do most of the same things that you would expect to be able to do with pretty much any laptop (surf the net, make a document, categorize your Star Wars characters by race, size, lightsaber color, skin color, force affiliation, or weight) but are catered to very different consumers. The iBook, costing less and having slightly less features, is designed for basic computer users such as students, housewives and Babylon 5 fans. The PowerBook tends to be more powerful but comes at a higher price tag. These are mostly catered to professionals or people who need more bounce to the ounce as the saying goes. As well as having widescreens that are to die for, PowerBooks also feature metal housing that is out of control!

All in all, Mac laptops offer the power of Apple desktops with the ease of portability. Whether you end up with the PowerBook or iBook, you will undoubtedly be proud of your purchase. Just remember that the PowerBook is called “Power”Book for a reason and the iBook is a great way to learn what makes Apples so great for less money. Either way you slice it, there is no better place on the net to purchase an Apple computer then Pizza out from Philip P Daniel.

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