Cable Modems

By Phillip P. Daniel

Remember back in the long ago, a place were people were forced to use something called “dial up” to access the internet. This was a painful time for most, filled with downtimes that would sometimes last for hours. Since then, the internet has take a quantum leap forward (speaking of Quantum Leap, don’t you think that it is awesome that the same guy from that excellent show is now a proud member of the Star Trek alumni!) allowing for users to peruse the multitude of Red Dwarf fan sites available at warp speed! The major driving force behind this movement is the invent of cable internet, a service of cable companies (oh really!) that allows users to harness the immense bandwidth provided by fiber optics used for digital cable. In order to take advantage of the power of cable internet, you not only need to sign up for the service from your local provider, but also purchase a cable modem, a necessary electronic device that will allow you to begin downloading Babylon 5 fan fiction in no time at all.

When it comes to purchasing a cable modem, there really isn’t that much of a difference between models. All in all, you are going to get to the same place (the frickin internet) and I highly doubt that you will notice any difference between models. The real dilemma when it comes to high speed internet, is deciding what router to get, and we have a highly detailed guide that can help you determine that.

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Cable Modem Reviews: