CD Rom Drives

by Racey Carpenter

CD ROMS, or compact disc players for your computer, are a necessity for modern computers. Most (and when I say most I really mean all) new models come with at least a CD Rom drive standard, and the majority of those come with a CD-RW, DVD ROM, or DVD+/-RW. As it stands now, if you do not already have a CD Rom drive, then there is very little chance that you are on this web site right now as your computer is probably older then you are. If you are looking to add a second drive to you machine, I would recommend at least purchasing a DVD Rom drive, as they are relatively inexpensive and feature dual functionality (meaning they play both CDs and DVDs). Even portable DVD Roms and burners have come down in price as of late, and will give you much more flexibility then a stand-alone CD Rom drive.

Below is a list of individual CD Rom drives with reviews and prices for each model. If you are dead set on purchasing a new CD Rom, then they should be able to guide you in the right direction.

CD Rom Reviews: