Computer Keyboards

By Philip P Daniel

The keyboard of a computer, along with the mouse, act as the inputs, allowing the user to transfer their information into the magical box. Without a keyboard, it would be very difficult to write a script of a Star Trek episode, or a fan letter to William Shatner. Yes without a keyboard, you would be cut off from the computer completely, and then who would lead the latest Star Trek fanclub forum on AOL’s chat rooms? Purchasing a new keyboard can be a tricky task. With all the options out there it would be naïve to think that you would be able to do it without any research and that is why is the best place to start.

Wireless (to buy or not to buy)

Wireless technology is the latest craze that is sweeping the technology world. No matter what device you are interested in, there is more likely then not a version that comes "sans wires". These versions tend to be a bit more expensive then their tethered brothers, but offer freedom and mobility that is unmatched. All of these things hold true with keyboards, meaning that although wireless models are more expensive, they offer more mobility and oftentimes more ergonomic features.


Some of the newer models of keyboards and workstations have a multitude of features that will help you navigate the internet and the rest of your operating system with a push of a button. These shortcuts can be assigned dynamically and once mastered can make you type and navigate at warp speed ahead.


Having an ergonomic workstation is one of the most important things that you need to keep in mind when purchasing a keyboard. "Natural" keyboards tend to reduce the stress on your wrists, something that is important to fight the nasty Carpal Tunnel bug. Until they invent robotic hands (like Luke Skywalker’s in Star Wars) you better try to keep your hands from becoming unusable.

As you can see there are a wide variety of factors to keep in mind when purchasing a new keyboard. The one thing that you can count on is that no matter which unit you decide to purchase, you will find the best price on it at

If you have any questions about computer keyboards, please feel free to discuss them with other newbies in the nwbie forums. We have a full service team that can answer almost any question that may arise (except for Star Trek Deep Space Nine questions...they hate that series.)

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