Computer Mouse Reviews

By Phillip P. Daniel

Iím going to keep this short but sweet, as buying a mouse isnít brain surgery (or really any surgery for that matter) and a new mouse shouldnít break your bank (even your piggy bank). A mouse is an important piece of hardware, something that keeps you connected to your computer, kind of like a baby with an umbilical cord. Without a mouse you would have an impossible time surfing the net, writing a paper, or even playing the latest Star Trek video game. Here are the main rules when buying a mouse.

1. A mouse can either be connected with a cord, or wirelessly. Wireless mice are nice because they donít keep you tethered, but either require batteries or a charge station and tend to be more expensive.

2. A mouse can be one, two or even three buttons. The more buttons the more things a mouse can do without having to use the keyboard. A scroll wheel is also a cool function that lets you move up and down a page (and on some versions even side to side) and is something you should definitely think about when purchasing a mouse.

3. An optical mouse can last longer and be more precise then a trackball mouse. Trackball mice can capture things like lint and hair, making it less precise and sometimes sluggish.

4. Some newer mice have zany features that let you map keys or even internet browser buttons. These mice are handy, but tend to be more expensive.

There are many different brands of mice, each with supposed features that make them trump their competitors. Some claims may be true, but just remember that a mouse shouldnít cost more then your computer, but at the same time should be something that you can tolerate using for long periods of time.

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