Laptop Accessories

By Jason "The Southern Dandy" Dahlin

When it comes to buying a laptop, the decision can be heart wrenching. Whittling the competition down, to one can break more hearts and crush more spirits then any Miss America/Universe/Mr. Wet Boxer Spring Break pageant that has ever occurred. When this tough decision is concluded, most people can’t bare to do any thinking about what they need to accompany their laptop. Lucky for them, I (and the great staff here at Newbie) have compiled a handy little guide to what you may need to complement their new toy.

1. A case is a place where your computer can stay safe!

Buying a laptop case is one of the most important things that you can do to protect your new precious beauty. With a new case, you can ensure that your laptop is not only portable, but padded and coddled just like a new baby should be. Most cases are of the messenger bag/briefcase variety, but are also available as backpacks and other variations. Make sure when making a purchase that you not only check out the dimensions of the place where the actual PC will go, but also how many pockets and extra areas the case has. Realize that you will not only be carrying your laptop, but also the power cord and other accessories that can make the extra compartments an absolute necessity. Besides compartments and space, the most important thing for a laptop case to employ is the padding that will keep your investment safe. Make sure that the bag uses liberal amounts of foam or gel based padding that can save you if you happen to fall down or drop the bag. Even if you have to spend a little more money, knowing that your expensive investment is kept safe should justify any additional cost that may be incurred.

2. A new battery can keep the missus (or mister) happy!

Laptop batteries are meant to be rechargeable. Unfortunately, the manufacturers still have yet to perfect a battery that can power a machine for more then a couple hours. These same relatively weak power sources are also known to die relatively quick deaths, making their already small capacity lower and lower after each charge. Inevitably, you will be faced with the purchase of a new laptop battery whether you like it or not. That being said, there is really nothing to say beyond the fact that most batteries are company specific (meaning that if you have a Sony you need to get a Sony compatible battery) not allowing you much choice. Some companies offer batteries with more supposed power, allowing you to stay off the power grid for longer periods of time, but these models often demand a premium. Make sure to research if these are really worth the money, or if you will be stuck with something that makes little difference.

3. Other additions that can keep your computer in the game!

There are plenty of other accessories that can make a new laptop even more awesome. Manufacturers offer everything from car adaptors, to docking stations that can make your computer a virtual entertainment machine. The number one thing to keep in mind when purchasing any of these add-ons, is the fact that most are computer specific. Make sure that the accessory that you are about to purchase works with your unit, and you’ll never have any issues with compatibility that will ruin your otherwise happy coexistence. All in all, laptop accessories are a perfect way to make sure that your machine and you live a happy and rewarding life together. Below are reviews of individual products that can help make the decision of whether to buy a specific item even easier. Good luck, and may you and your laptop live happily ever after!

Laptop Computer Accessories Reviews: