Laptops Reviews - Notebooks and Laptops's laptop reviews will help you find the right laptop for you. From a desktop replacement to a super small notebook we will help you find your portable PC partner. Below are some things to keep in mind before you hit the stores.

Processor Speed - Take a look at the more expensive models to see what the high end of speed is currently. Some high end models have mobile processors that actually list a lower speed than normal. This is to improve battery time and these processors are built to work more efficiently than normal processors at the same speed. You probably want to be somewhere in the middle. Not paying extra to be cutting edge and not buying a computer that will be too slow in less than two years.

RAM - The more RAM the better. Laptop RAM is more expensive and difficult to upgrade yourself. Get it now, at least 512mb if not more.

Hard Drive - Unless you are going to be saving loads of pictures, mp3's or videos to the hard drive you should be fine even with a 20GB drive.

Store Return Policy - You should make sure that you can send back the laptop for a refund if you decide it is not what you wanted or it is broke. Online stores may have special rules when it comes to laptops such as restocking fees and what not, so make sure you know before you buy.

Warranties - Find out as much as possible about the laptop's warranty and how much extra it will cost for an extended warrenty. Extended warrenties on laptop's are a good idea since they will moved around a lot and the screen alone costs more to repair than the laptop itself.

Brand - Make sure you buy a decent brand. Quality brands offer better warranty, and parts availability. The best brands are Dell, Sony, IBM, and Toshiba, Compaq or HP. These companies are known to offer a decent product, all other companies are most likely lesser known and you may take a gamble on whether the laptop will hold up.